Removing & Reinstalling TCP/IP

The Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol suite is central to maintaining a successful Internet connection. Unfortunately, it has proven vulnerable to corruption in the Windows 95/98 environments. Windows 3.x does not have a built-in TCP/IP suite and relies on third-party software which seems to be less prone to failure, and the problem rarely surfaces on the Mac. Therefore, the instructions below only cover the removal and reinstallation of TCP/IP for the Windows 95 and 98 operating systems.

You will most likely need the Windows disk(s) to complete these operations. If you don't have a CD or the installation floppy disks, you can check for the presence of the necessary files by using the Find utility (Start -> Find -> Files or Folders) to search for the string "*.cab" (without quotation marks). If you have more than approximately 14 such files, you will probably be able to continue without the Windows disk. If you have any concerns or don't feel comfortable performing these steps yourself, please don't hesitate to contact our phone-in technical support team.

When the computer has restarted, try your connection. With TCP/IP reinstalled, any connection problems should vanish.

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