Common Problems
...and their solutions

This page will give you answers to several common problems that may occur with your Internet connection. Check the descriptions below for something that matches the symptoms you've been seeing. Once you've found something that seems appropriate, follow the title link to find a guide to resolving the difficulty. Please keep in mind that, by following these guides on your own, you take responsibility for the results. If you have any hesitations or concerns, please call our technical support lines.

Note: The guides are designed to be printed for easy future reference. To ensure neat printing, first select the proper frame by clicking once on the document you wish to print. In Internet Explorer, right-click the document and select "Print". In the Netscape browsers, click File and select "Print frame".

Internet Explorer 3.x
Internet Explorer 3 was most widely distributed with the later releases of Windows 95, and is prone to an unfortunate bug. If you constantly see the message "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" when you start Internet Explorer, check the instructions here to resolve the problem. The information was taken directly from Microsoft's Knowledge Base, and was modified for convenience by Spectranet.
Reinstalling TCP/IP
Difficulty establishing a connection, random disconnections, inability to find websites, and stalled downloads are all symptoms of a problem with TCP/IP, the software package that governs all Internet communication. A corrupted TCP/IP stack is a fairly common problem under Windows 95/98. In most cases, the problem can be solved with a quick reinstallation of the software. Check here for a step-by-step guide.
Dial-Up Networking
Windows 95/98 uses the DUN software package to establish an Internet connection through your phone line. If you are unable to complete a connection, or the modem hangs up immediately after logging on, there may be a problem with your Dial-Up Networking settings. Click the link above for possible fixes.
Password Problems
If you are presented with password rejection, or if you are continuously prompted for your username and password, then click above to see some common solutions.

If you didn't find what you needed above, or are looking for general resources and information, try the links below. Included are links to the Microsoft and Netscape technical support centres, some general-purpose tech-support sites, as well as some informational sites designed to tell you a bit more about the details of your connection. Note that the sites below are provided for informational purposes only, and are in no way affiliated with Spectranet.

The Microsoft Personal Support Center
A useful resource for employees of Microsoft. Your mileage may vary, but explanations and resolutions for many common Microsoft bugs can be found through their search engine.
Netscape Help
Netscape's own help site, it contains the final word on the Netscape browsers and their other software packages.
Everything you could possibly want to know about Macintosh problems ... and a whole lot more. If there's a bug in your Mac, it's in here somewhere... somewhere....
ChasM's Helpdesk
An excellent site for those with a fast connection. They offer setup help on a huge variety of Internet software in multiple operating systems and platforms, using an innovative graphical interface. Point and click your way through screenshots taken from identical copies of your own software.
A veritable haven for Windows users in trouble. Look around Winfiles for updates, drivers, shareware, and bug fixes. They also provide an extensive list of modem manufacturers, including links to the companies' web sites.
Quite possibly the best resource on the 'net for information regarding the 56k modem revolution. Check here for answers to common questions about problems with 56k connections.

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