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Our own business site -- Spectramall is your link to companies doing business in the Greater Toronto Area.
Federal Express
Try the future of shipping. Do just anything regarding your shipment from this site.
In this complete guide you'll discover all the ways VISA can make your financial transactions easier.
FTD Florists
You can order flowers on the Net.
Bank Of Montreal
Bank of Montreal is the only truly continental bank of America.
Canada Trust
As a Canada Trust customer, you can find everything here about your accounts.
Royal Bank
Your trusted partners in a complex financial world.


Toronto Star
It's here! The official Toronto Star Newspaper all online.
Franchise Magazine
From the popular Franchise Handbook brought to you online.
Harlequin Romance
Check out what's new at Harlequin.
Toronto Sun
Check daily excerpts from the news stand issue.
Canada's weekly Magazine online.
Financial Post
The Financial Post Newspaper, for the most comprehensive financial updates.
Byte Computer Magazine
Not to be out done, Byte offers it's version of online computing magazine.
Toronto Computes
Toronto Computes, an Excellent Computer Paper. Tips, reviews, great articles, and more. Check em out!
PC Magazine
Read Articles, Questions answered and much more. If you need it PC Mag is here.
Globe and Mail
Updated daily a detailed look at News right here at home and across the seas.
Tide's Point Magazine
An Art and entertainment magazine that highlights the culture of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. It contains a wide variety of articles written by Newfoundland authors as well as a "well-stocked" bookstore and giftshop.


NHL - National Hockey League
Canada's other official sport.
MLB - Major League Baseball
Official site for the show.
CFL - Canadian Football League
Radically Canadian. The official site of the CFL.
NFL - National Football League
The official site of the National Football Leauge.
NBA - National Basketball Association
The official site. Games, teams and schedules.
TSN - The Sports Network
Go deep with the Toronto Sun's #1 Website for 1996.
ESPN Sports Zone
All the sports news you could ever use.
Toronto Blue Jays
Let's play ball!
Toronto Maple Leafs
Leafnet -- The Official Website of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Toronto Raptors
The Joint's Always Jumpin' at the official Raptors website.
Toronto Argonauts
Schedules and Ticket information.
Montreal Expos
Au Jeu!
Montreal Canadiens
Games, Scores and Stats from the official NHL website.
New York Yankees
The Internet home of the 1998 World Champions.


Deep Blue vs Kasparov
The Deep Blue Team talks about their stunning victory over World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov.
Virtual World
The people behind the popular BattleTech and Red Planet VR games.
Silicon Surf
The Silicon Graphics Website. Just say wow.


The Onion
News of the world, that you won't see on CNN.
The Dilbert Zone
See how things really work here at Spectranet at an entirely different company.

Gaming Links

Games Domain
All the latest in PC Gaming. Demos, patches, reviews and more!
ID Software
The makers of Quake, Doom, Heretic, Wolfenstien 3D... Need I say more?
Blizzard Software
Wow, after making games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo I and II, don't you think you should visit their site?
LucasArts Entertainment Company
Makers of the classic StarWars games for PC and platform, as well as a host of other spectacularly entertaining games.

Miscellaneous Links

The Blenderphone
Don't ask.
Today in History
As brought to you by the History Channel.
Project Gutenberg
Catalog of EText Books available over the Internet.
The Complete works of William Shakespeare.
The Classics Online
From Alice in Wonderland to the Wizard of Oz, with Milton and Doyle somewhere in between.

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