Setting Up Netscape Navigator Mail

The "Servers" tab
The important fields here are the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers, and the POP3 User Name. The Maximum Message Size will allow you to instruct Netscape to skip messages that may be too large to successfully download (anything more than 1000 KB will generally qualify). Messages should normally be removed from the server after they have been downloaded, unless there is a reason why they would have to be downloaded on another computer. "Check for Mail" will allow you to either automate or manually control your e-mail downloads.

Preferences: Servers

The "Identity" tab
The Reply-to Address can be left blank, unless you would like replies to your messages to be sent to a different address from the one listed immediately above. Organization is also unnecessary, unless you would like to include that information when sending mail. Finally, a Signature file will allow you to append a message to all of your messages. To use this, create a simple text file, and specify its path here (the Browse button may be of use). The text in the file will be added to the end of all of your outgoing messages.

Preferences: Identity

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